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Resilience at work

Our industries attract deeply passionate and highly motivated people. It’s what makes it fun. But when we all take work to heart – what happens when it goes wrong? When that inevitable time comes when we’re not meeting targets or we say the wrong thing – do we cope with adversity well? Or does it

Fashion & the new sustainability frontier

  I was scrolling through my newsfeed last week when I came across something unbelievable. A t-shirt that can clean the air of pollutants? Surely not… Lo and behold it’s true. Startup Kloters are introducing a t-shirt that represents a new frontier in fashion and sustainability. One RepAir t-shirt can offset the pollution emissions of

Call Me, Maybe?

Act now or never hear from us again. LAST CHANCE to keep hearing about our offers! We’ll miss you ☹ Sound familiar? If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s probably become deluged by every brand you ever had so much as a fleeting relationship with. Some emails have been dull, but some have been

Fundraising: force for improved wellbeing or yet another cause of social anxiety?

    I’ll start with a confession. When people ask what I do for a living, I don’t say ‘fundraiser’. Notwithstanding my 10 year plus career. Why? I’m ashamed that fundraising, meant to be part of the solution to the world’s social problems, has unintentionally become part of the problem. People say their experience of

Wear your values on your sleeve

Fashion is shifting. You’re probably thinking that I’m stating the obvious. Of course fashion is shifting, there are new collections hitting runways season after season. Styles change, hem lines get longer or shorter, trousers get wider or more fitted, colours come in and out of fashion. But I’m talking about a bigger shift. A societal

Work hard but be nice to each other

Over recent years, three of my friends have died. All men. All art directors. All young. Two of them fathers. All, in different ways, died as a result of mental ill health. These are people I’ve worked with. Laughed with. Got pissed with. Shared the highs and lows of agency life. Now there’s a huge

Is it OK to love yourself?

Images courtesy of positivityproject_uk I want to share with you a short story about confidence. Whoever told us that it’s not OK to love ourselves? We’ve had it hammered into us from such an early age (well I have) there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Last week, a friend came around for dinner. She’s

Why are charity boards less diverse than UK’s biggest companies?

In a recent article by Rebecca Cooney at Third Sector, research by Inclusive Boards found that 6.6 per cent of trustees at the top 500 charities by income are from ethnic minority backgrounds, compared with 8.2 per cent at FTSE 100 companies. This at first might seem shocking but, as GOOD’s Deputy MD Hanisha Kotecha

Reflections on Mental Health Awareness Week

Last Monday I watched Tully, an honest and raw film about parenthood, centred around a mother suffering from postpartum psychosis after the birth of her third child. While some critics have questioned the accuracy of the portrayal of her condition, what’s more important is that the film has sparked conversations about mental health across the

Turning auto-pilot into opportunity

Understanding your supporters’ day-to-day is invaluable. Learning about their behaviours, their likes and dislikes, can only strengthen your offer to them. If that hasn’t piqued your interest, how about this… I’m going to tell you exactly how we can help you gain future supporters. In The Choice Factory, Richard Shotton explains that nearly half of

The new sustainability

Where once ‘sustainability’ had a very specific focus on the environment and supply chains, its widening meaning now carries implications for everything about how a business operates. ‘Sustainable’, like ‘green’ was a term that was easy to bandy around and a little harder to nail down. A change in packaging here, sign up to the

Building an engagement portfolio around emotional capital

Classic fundraising campaigns like LiveAid and NSPCC Full Stop still have the power to make most of us fundraisers feel a little envious. What is it about these campaigns that means their legacy lives on? They build what we refer to as ‘Emotional Capital’. It means the fundraiser is giving, not taking. Emotional Capital means

Newly Wed Royals Demonstrate Demographic Truth About Giving

However you feel about Saturday’s nuptials, Harry and Meghan demonstrated a surprisingly common touch in their choice of wedding gifts. They are both technically part of Generation Y, a happier moniker than the ill-starred Millennial which has become synonymous with self-absorbed snowflakeyness in some people’s eyes. Just for the record, I think that’s lazy, and

When is a Fundraiser like a Policeman?

You may be wondering if the pressure of all those May 25 consent deadlines has sent us a little loopy. No, this is what we really asked a room full of fundraisers and marketers. We’d got together in pursuit of an answer to the question: ‘What does fundraising look like in a post-GDPR world?’ In

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