WaterAid – Inspiring support for clean, safe water

Since 2010, we’ve helped WaterAid build belief in clean water – the single biggest way you can transform lives in the developing world. Our deep understanding of audiences has helped us develop integrated fundraising campaigns; breaking fundraising targets and beating bankers time and time again, to help raise millions for WaterAid’s vision of clean, safe water for everyone everywhere by 2030.

Picture of a WaterAid stand tap.
  • WaterAid Eric Banker insert
  • WaterAid GULP insert
WaterAid WaterGraph at Canary Wharf A poster on a tube train depicting a young girl carrying a heavy canister of water. The copy line reads 'Chest pains and sores and punishing chores. That’s what little girls are made for'. Part of the record-breaking To Be A Girl fundraising campaign for WaterAid by GOOD Agency.