Young donors, are they your future?

It’s clear that organisations have an appetite to broaden their engagement to reach younger donors in a more meaningful way. On top of that, we know that while trust in institutions is falling, young people haven’t stopped believing in NGOs. So how can we bridge the gap between what organisations need and how young adults want to give. Here are our top three suggestions:

1. Harness young adults’ energy for causes by making the act of giving exciting, interesting and potentially even educational like Amnesty.

2. Don’t expect them to believe your CEO, but you can bring them closer by showing off the experts you work with like Charity Water?

3. Find a way to encourage micro-campaigns so young donors can coalesce around your cause and share it with their networks in an easy way. Crowd-funding or crowd-sourcing ideas is working like Christian Aid.

4. Offer people ways to give that suit them – not just regular giving despite how much that suits you. Contextual cash asks around topical issues via SMS or digital will leverage the 63% of young donors who like to give sporadically.

5. Evolve your events offers to stay close to what people are already doing in their world with commercial organisations like CRUK’s Pretty Muddy

Let’s make sure our organisation is set up to offer something grounded in the world of young adults (and let’s not forget a lot of us actually are the mystical Gen X or Y we speak of!)

If you would like to discuss this any more detail please feel free to drop us a line.