Everything starts with insight

Our GOOD Bites on rich insight drew a really valuable line. A line that we often see only one end of.

That line ends in IMPACT – measurable change to society, how people feel about your brand, or simply to the bottom line.

The line goes through IDEAS – resonant, relevant new ways of looking at something that make people notice it, care about it or even re-evaluate it, in a world of limited attention.

But it starts with INSIGHT – things we’ve noticed about an audience, a product or brand, or about the world we live in, that can be used to see a problem or opportunity with fresh eyes.

In a world that’s swimming with data, we looked at what insight isn’t – facts, truths or numbers. They’re also not just observations. Insights should be blindingly obvious, but only once you hear them. They should make you sit up, take notice, and start thinking differently. And they have to be actionable – you have to be able to do something with them.

Insights can come from many places. From observing people in their natural habitats, through mobile ethnography and other techniques. From focus groups and conversations, especially if they’re creatively facilitated. It can come from observation too – from reading Twitter feeds and Facebook comments, from conversations and ‘white mail. And it can come from asking the right questions on a huge, mass observation platform like TGI or YouGov. They’re all potential sources of insight, and thanks to technology we now have more ways to explore them than ever before.

And about time too.

Here at GOOD, we believe this kind of rich, fruitful insight is sadly lacking in the charity world. Too many of us rely on assumed truths or look internally to our own programmes and products (or to those of competitors). Others rely on data alone, giving us results but not the ‘why’ behind the numbers.

Without rich insight we’ll never be able to look at ourselves, our audiences or our challenges with fresh eyes. We’ll never get to the ideas that make our causes stand out, stick in the mind, and sell (inspire action). And that means we could miss out on the impacts that the world desperately needs us to make right now.

It all starts with insight. If you’d like some, please get in touch.